Arabica or Robusta: what kind of guy are you?

Dec 30, 2019 | taste

No, it’s not some kind of psychological test … it’s just the two varieties that dominate the global coffee industry! You’ve probably tried both of them for a while, but there are some key differences that define what each of us enjoys. Starting from the taste that every coffee leaves on our palate, one could say that Arabica is a more… refined type, as it has a sweeter taste and less bitterness. It usually brings out fruity and chocolatey flavors and aromas while leaving a touch of caramel or vanilla. On the other hand Robusta is more… brutal one would say. It has a strong bitterness in taste, encapsulates aromas of wet soil and wood while leaving a pistachio feel. Its main feature is the high caffeine content of about 3%, unlike Arabica which has about 1.5%.